Create Your New "Me" with AnaSharee
Create Your New "Me" with AnaSharee
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About Us

It all started when life hit me, and I realized that as a devoted mom, wife, and employee, I was losing myself.  I was no longer the fun, energized, and passionate individual that I once was.  I was not doing the things that I enjoyed anymore.  How could I be the best person for myself and others, if I was not feeding myself personally or spiritually.

I began making intentional steps to further develop and enhance myself.  At that moment is when I realized a fundamental thought…we are better when we look and feel better, starting from your inner core to your outer being.  I wanted to campaign that message everywhere because it is truly life changing.  What began as a desire for personal growth and spiritual awakening blossomed a desire for women empowerment through fashion. 

Either running to the grocery store, dropping the kids off, going to work, attending church service, or taking a college course, let’s be purposeful, as women, in being the best that we can be.  Welcome to AnaSharee!


Carmen Davis

Owner of AnaSharee Boutique